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How BlockChain could improve customer loyalty systems

All consumer-facing organisations are in a perpetual struggle to attract and retain customers, and their loyalty programmes are a vital part of this struggle. But some loyalty programmes do not provide great value in the eye of the consumer, thereby failing to encourage consumers to continue to attain and redeem rewards, and every successful loyalty programme is always striving to improve consumer engagement and retention.

Even within an established and successful loyalty programme, it is a slow and cumbersome process to set up new promotions or to provide users with new loyalty partners with whom to redeem rewards. Consumers move faster than loyalty programmes can keep up.

Download our white paper to see our vision of a strategic solution enabling large numbers of loyalty programmes to interact with large numbers of consumers in a controlled, verified, trusted manner using a market-leading Private BlockChain Distributed Ledger. This will provide a more rapid way to set up loyalty programmes and new loyalty partners; securely, with technology that exists right now.