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Vendor Management - It's really not easy!

You’ve got a great idea. You’ve found your dream product. How do you ensure you and your vendor are marching to the same tune?

From concept, through delivery to ongoing operations, a strong and aligned relationship with any vendor is key to success. Sometimes it may feel like you speak different languages. How do you and your vendor both maximise advantages of your relationship?

Where do you add most value to your Business? I bet it’s not writing applications! We all have our specialist areas and recognising where our limits lie is very important. Most corporations like to work with vendors of specialist products or applications because they recognise that cultivating that expertise in house for a one off requirement is expensive, difficult to maintain long term and can consume your people stopping them from doing the jobs they are best at.

Finding a turn key solution is ideal but in practice very few businesses are entirely without bespoke processes. Most vendor solutions, by comparison, operate under the assumption that every problem is near identical.  Identifying a close matched vendor package to your problem may be easy but successfully implementing the solution as a customised product is an often under-estimated process. In these cases, vendor management is key to the success of your project - but it’s not easy! It takes time. It’s frustrating. A half-hearted approach is more likely to add complexity, costs and ultimately distract you from managing and growing your business.

Effective vendor management squares that circle.  We can help you realise the full potential of your investments through EFFECTIVE vendor management.  Read more here.