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Why we like Salesforce

Why we like Salesforce

CRM Solution that is top of the class

 I still wonder how companies manage without a well thought out CRM system. Whether you are big or small, keeping track of your customers and prospects and tracking their wants, needs, and issues is fundamental. Salesforce is packed with easily configurable features and tools to make this easy. Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities can all be managed and integrated with Service elements, such as Cases, support sites and online customer support chat services. Sales and Marketing tools can be setup to mirror your sales process and you have all the views and dashboards you need to stay on top of things. You can setup and manage campaigns, target content at customer segments and ensure you are keeping to your SLAs - all at the flick of a mouse. Sales and Customer Service representatives need to spend their energy delivering value for customers. Salesforce is slick and efficient, and allows them to do just that.

Trailhead learning environment

Wow, wow, wow. We really like the tutorials and online learning available for all the Salesforce products. Great solutions and powerful platforms are not much use if it is difficult to learn how to wield them effectively. How can you be agile and meet your ever changing business demands, if the toolset is clumsy and resistant to understanding? In contrast, Salesforce provides you with excellent documentation, examples and insights to get your solution off to a flying start and to leave you more time to spend on addressing real business needs.

Mobile solution - for free (as in beer..)

There is no such thing as a free lunch. That may be true, but Salesforce gives you a mobile version of your App without even asking you. These days you definitely want one, and Salesforce gives it to you for free. You can’t argue with that.

Modern, responsive client interface.

The new Lightning interface is fantastic and fits right into how we think a modern business application should be architected. We want our solutions to be fast and clean and the Lightning experience delivers this in a well thought out, event driven architecture.

Testing, Testing

I have only been in this business for 30 years, so I am still learning, but one thing I do know is that you can never do enough testing. At Rex, we have always worked hard to ensure software we build is tested by design (If you ever have a spare couple of hours I will tell you all about our Automated build and Test Driven API development for OS/2 in the early 1990s… you have been warned..). We therefore love the fact that testing methods are built into the Salesforce platform. Write some code and you need to write a test as well. Just the way we like it. This test driven methodology is baked into the automated process for testing and deploying releases of your solution and for upgrades of the Salesforce platform. It even includes a security audit. So you can get it right first time by design and quickly innovate and change your solution with minimal risk.

Integrate with everything

We are system integration company. While we can cheerfully develop interfaces to just about any system, we much prefer to work with systems that are intrinsically heterogeneous and can natively connect to a wide variety of enterprise systems and data sources. Business value is generated by connecting systems, data and processes and Salesforce provides a glittering array of connectors. Need your SAP data? Need Dashboards, Reports? Real time manufacturing data? Product information from Oracle? You can break out of any data silo you want.


Does it do everything?

If you are looking for out of the box CRM, Marketing and Service Desk capabilities, then this is a great place to find everything in a well thought out and easy to consume package. We also think you will be hard pushed to find a suite of enterprise applications that are as easy to customise for your needs.

 In a world of cloud based services and solutions, it is clear that Salesforce will be a dominant player for many years to come.