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Wonderware IntelaTrac is the industry-leading mobile workforce and decision support system

IntelaTrac includes configurable software and ruggedized mobile hardware solutions that enable workflow, data collection and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking and compliance applications.

IntelaTrac helps insure that best operating and regulatory procedures are followed at all times, data can be collected on non-instrumented plant assets, critical environmental, health and safety inspections are performed on schedule and mobile operators have the information at their fingertips to operate plant assets in the most effective manner possible.

Technicians monitoring equipment

Stranded or non-instrumented assets often represent 40 to 60% of your asset base but are too often “invisible” to management. IntelaTrac provides a cost effective strategy for monitoring and reporting back on the performance of stranded assets

Routine plant inspections of operating assets are a key activity for the process industry. Failure to quickly detect and record issues leads to expensive and damaging outages and breakdowns. Production is lost, repair costs soar and people can get hurt.

Workers are easily guided through a question and answer process which helps uncover hidden bottlenecks, process or equipment problems. If problems are found, IntelaTrac can immediately guide workers through additional steps or actions to properly identify and address the developing issue.

Rex‘s experience in Operator Driven Reliability and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) projects in the process industries can help companies realise the significant paybacks that can be achieved by the introduction of best practice field operations.

Our ACP tool aids the implementation of "evergreen" RCM projects whereas our mobile computing practice can help you implement the tools to ensure that valuable business processes are adopted in the field.

As conditions change, our IntelaTrac consultants are able to adjust, revise and enhance workflows to ensure your mobile investment remains effective.

We use our in-house methodology to plan, define, deploy and support our customers’ IntelaTrac implementations.

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Enable field force operators to identify and track asset performance and immediately take the steps necessary to predict and prevent equipment failures

IntelaTrac empowers field workers to be part of the reliability solution; it helps drive collective behavior and a culture of asset ownership between operations and maintenance.

Protect your workforce and assets and maintain regulatory compliance by automating the capture of inspection data and ensuring auditable reporting.

Technicians monitoring equipment
Improving the Efficiency of Your Maintenance Organization IntelaTrac is a natural tool for improving the efficiency of maintenance activities. Mobile IntelaTrac can be loaded with a complete list of daily maintenance tasks (including step-by-step instructions) so critical maintenance can be done right the first time.

If a wireless network is present, information on work order status, work requests, and current operating conditions can be made available to your field workers in real time. Maintenance workers will have the detailed information at their fingertips so they can get the job done in the shortest possible time.

Decrease the time it takes to collect data, record events, track and evaluate plant equipment and enable operators to perform cross-functional tasks promoting knowledge transfer across the workforce.

Reduce planned and unplanned downtime and slowdowns through better monitoring

Our “asset-centric” approach allows data collected by any operator or plant worker to be aggregated together to build a common asset history.


Improve equipment and process reliability through enforced best practice.

Reduced Costs

Reduce maintenance costs and maximise investment through improved asset management.


Integrate previously uncollected data with leading Asset Management, Historian and other operational systems

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