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We have many years’ experience of working with clients, such as ExxonMobil, to help them use Information Technology to improve profitability whilst being uncompromising with respect to safety concerns.

Most manufacturing plants and facilities generate and require huge amounts of data for day to day operations. Making sense of this data and using it to best advantage can be extremely challenging.

At Rex we use techniques to analyse the data and give management and operations the ability to see how well their processes are running, where there may be issues and how to prevent costly unplanned outages.

MIS Benefits

Maximise Uptime : Ensure that key operational data available wherever it is needed in your organisation so that decisions can be made quickly and with confidence. This will help to decrease overruns and meet customer demand

Improve Right First Time : Maximise your ability to hit production and quality targets and eliminate waste

Reduce Cycle Times : A more efficient operation will allow you to optimise plant utilisation and to reduce delays

Gain Competitive Advantage : Make better decisions by smarter use of your data. Maximise throughput, minimise process upsets and understand your energy and raw material usage

Monitor Asset Health : Understand the condition of your equipment and take decisive action before problems escalate

Increase Customer Satisfaction : Your customers will give you more business if they can rely on you to provide a consistently high quality product

Manufacturing Information System component diagram
Over the years we have built many MIS applications.  Each is unique to the business environment and each delivers data that enhances decision making and helps to improve the end product.

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