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We understand the need for businesses to derive maximum benefit from their existing systems and applications

Many organisations have a varied portfolio of applications and tools most of which are highly specialised for their particular business function. Customer data is in the ERP system, contacts in the CRM system, production plans in the Scheduling System, and so on. For a cohesive view of what’s happening in the business it is necessary to pull information from the variety of sources and present it in a way so that decisions can be made quickly and with confidence.

Defining and designing an EAI solution can be a challenging and complex undertaking. The various systems are built on a range of different platforms, databases and technologies. The way that data and transactions are exposed also shares similar wide variations. Users must also be able to interact effectively with the output wherever and whenever they need to and so user interface and platforming concerns are also important.

Our success in designing and implementing EAI solutions to our customers is founded on our experience and technical knowledge of middleware products and EAI techniques and how to forge them into something that delivers the goods. When designing and implementing EAI solutions we give the following careful consideration.


We can design..

  • A solid, well scoped and detailed design, right down to individual data elements
  • Bridges between middleware and other technologies


We can advise you on..

  • People issues - technology groups can be very protective about “their” systems and dataelements
  • Ownership, accountability and ongoing support


We can guide you through..

  • A sound, comprehensive and detailed business case
  • The security issues and how to mitigate common threats


We can identify..

  • Any capabilities or limitations of your existing applications and systems
  • Who the users - and how, when and where will they need to interact with it

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