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Operations Management

j5 is a powerful, fully integrated but easy to use suite of applications that allows your workforce to be world class in safety, efficiency, co-ordination and compliance

To effectively manage the events in an industrial environment, operations personnel require a comprehensive portfolio of tools that address the various aspects of the business.

For example, one module should address real-time events, another planning and so on. Operations personnel require a holistic, integrated platform that effectively ties all these modules together. 


In a complex plant environment poor communication and misinformed actions can have a significant and costly impact.

The j5 suite for industry offers a wide and growing range of operations management applications, including electronic operator log book and shift handover, for the smooth operation of industrial plants.

j5 directly affects your ability to operate your facilities safely and without incident.

Damaging and costly outages and incidents are expensive non-compliance is avoided.

j5 can be hosted on premises or made available in the Cloud, whatever works best for your organisation. j5 is modular and can be tailored to exactly fit your needs, whatever the size of your organisation.

j5 Log Book

j5 Shift Handover

j5 Work Instructions

j5 Standing Orders


Rex experts can lead you through the analysis, and planning project phases, helping to ensure the project focuses on what is important to successfully delivering j5 into your business.


We can either directly install the j5 application suite or work with your IT provider to help them install the application.


We can help manage and prepare the site, area and asset information that will make up j5. Alternatively we can support your own team through this critical stage.


There are times when a small customisation are all that is required to lift an application from being a good fit to being a great fit. Rex can advise, manage and deliver customisations to the j5 application suite.


Rex can provide training that targets the individual user’s needs. Either face to face or online training, we have a training solution to match your business style.

On going support

Rex are able to provide ongoing support agreements that match your business needs. We can offer support to your IT provider, to your power users and to your user base. Our goal is to ensure that, once implemented, the j5 application is as frictionless to your business.

On any industrial site, there is a continuous stream of operational, maintenance and safety events occurring across all areas

The j5 Operations Logbook allows operations teams to record, manage and view any event in a consistent and efficient way. The j5 user interface is easy to use, intuitive, and uses modern internet browsers. j5's efficient data entry screens reduces employee workload and helps reduce the risk of human error.

j5 logs are easily and securely shared across departments and operations personnel helping to ensure the right people are fully aware of your operations status.

j5 log entries can contain dates and times and status and priority information. Users can also add text notes and attach files to log entries.

j5 can be extended tp read / write and connect data to other systems such as PI®, Wonderware, IP21, SAP, Maximo, Labware and many others.

j5 Operations Logbook can be extended to include automated log entries and email alerts, triggered by real-time data readings


No single event creates more incidents on an industrial site than the handing over from one shift crew to another

Operations personnel must know the specific state of the process at the point of handover.  They need information from many data sources, such as real-time data readings, equipment status, safety events, laboratory information, planned maintenance and notes from the past shift.  j5 Shift Handover allows personnel to communicate and transfer shift information in a consistent, efficient way with a browser based web application.

The j5 Shift Handover module works to help ensure there is no miss-communicatoin and that everything is reviewed during shift handover.

The j5 Shift Handover module can create and email PDF reports to members of your business team, which keeps everyone up to date plant status,

Shift handover reports can also contain information and data from systems that have been integrated into your j5 application suite.

Shift Reports can be electronically signed by your team during handover, and reportsa are archived for future reporting and reference.

j5 Shift Handover decreases the chance of incidents caused by poor communication - and - increases efficiency by through sharing of information with the relevant people.



On any day in an industrial site, there are Work Instructions issued by Planners, Maintenance and Operations Supervisors and Controllers. It is vital for the productivity and safety of the site that these Work Instructions are carefully and efficiently carried out

Operational personnel need a Productivity Tool that will track all these instructions to ensure that the associated tasks are carried out on time and to the required standard. j5 Work Instructions allows operations teams to manage Work Instructions in a consistent and efficient way using a browser based web application.

The j5 Work Instructions module provides features to document, plan and manage work instructions to be carried by operations throughout your plant.

Work Instructions contain a description of the work, details of the assignment to be occumplished and the work schedule.

Work Intructions can be monitored and tracked through to completion and closeur.

Work Instructions appear in the assigned user or group of users work list, where they can update the work instruction with notes and progress information.



In industrial plants, it is important for operators and other personnel to understand key instructions that relate to their process, to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the plant.

Traditionally, key instructions would be written in the control room on a whiteboard, but this method has certain limitations.

The whiteboard approach cannot be effectively audited and accountability may become an issue if certain key functions are not performed. The j5 Standing Orders application overcomes the limitations of the whiteboard approach while adding additional benefits to the process plant.

The j5 web-based electronic system can be configured to meet your site’s specific requirements, from mandatory recorded information to the specific approval workflow which is to be enforced within your plant.

Responsibility and accountability is clear when using the standing order system. The j5 system keeps a full record of all changes, ensuring an accurate and complete audit trail is available. Individual standing orders are created, approved and assigned by authorized personnel.

In addition, each standing order can be monitored through the respective dashboard. Reminders and notifications can be set up within the j5 system to ensure that all standing orders are acknowledged when required, ensuring your site is operating efficiently.


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