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Managing customer relationships is one of the most important things to get right in business

Without a good process and supporting tools, signing up new customers and managing the expectations of existing customers can be chaotic. Important actions are not carried out, no one knows what state the sales process is at and even worse sales opportunities are lost and reputations are damaged.

CRM systems allow the sales process to be enforced and be visible to everyone involved in that process. A CRM system also provides powerful marketing support allowing companies to tailor campaigns and offers to specific customers or types of customer.

In short CRM systems are indispensable for all companies, irrespective of their size. However, the choice and range of options can be daunting.

At Rex we work with our customers to understand what they need from a CRM system, how it will bring efficiencies to their sales processes and pipeline and how it will support growth.

Rex consultants have knowledge of a wide range of CRM platforms and we can advise you to help you get the right solution at the right price

We have proven skills working with some of the best CRM platforms, including : Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce and Sugar CRM.

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