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We can help you get the right SharePoint STRATEGY in place for your organisation

Strategy areas where Rex can help:

  • Fit within existing application portfolio
  • Content structure
  • Governance
  • Data Privacy and Protection

Growing your SharePoint capability at a pace that suits your business will ensure smooth adoption and maximum benefit

Understanding how to implement SharePoint such that you see immediate benefit with minimal disruption to your business and employees requires meticulous planning

Our Project Managers have years of experience working with organisations and work hard to ensure you succeed.

Good GOVERNANCE is critical to ensuring the long term success of your SharePoint investment

Our experience will help ensure best practice is baked into your SharePoint administration and management - and - into how your users and business experience SharePoint

We understand the importance of governance and security differences between Intranets and Extranets.

Architecture & Implementation

Our Enterprise Architects are able to help you make the right decisions

Understanding the various SharePoint components and how best to build a platform that delivers on all your requirements takes considerable expertise and skill.

Our Enterprise Architects focus : a secure - robust - effective and efficient design.

Our knowledge and skills mean that we can work directly and effectively with your IT team and infrastructure partners.

Our Enterprise Architects are cost aware and always consider project implementation costs and future running costs.

Don’t leave success to chance, our Project Managers have a track record of helping global companies successfully implement complex SharePoint projects

Over the years we have implemented many SharePoint installation projects and upgrade projects – we know what works and what does not work.

We work hard to ensure that your project is a success and delivers all your business needs.

Migration & Upgrades

All too often we find SharePoint platforms using outdated versions of SharePoint

At worst - leaving your valuable business data vulnerable to security attacks.

At best - your employees are struggling using an inefficient and poorly performing platform.

Our experts will lead you through the analysis, planning, preparation, testing, actual migration and validation steps of a successful upgrade project.

We are happy to take a leading or supporting role – whichever you need, we always leave your team more knowledgeable.

We have the right people, with the right experience to mitigate the common issues that could arise during the migration and upgrade process.

Rex have been working with SharePoint since 2001 and have carried out numerous SharePoint upgrades and migrations between all versions of SharePoint

We have completed migration projects for global and multi-national companies.  Over time we have migrated millions of documents.

We have also migrated companies from alternative document management systems to SharePoint, so we are well placed and have the relevant experience to assist your organisation in upgrading to SharePoint 2013 or 2016 - "on premise", "cloud" or hybrid.

Over the years we have encountered and resolved all manner of problems – we believe we have become experts in spotting and mitigating problems long before they become a business issue.


Customisation & Development

SharePoint is super flexible and can be turned to fulfil many business needs.  Unfortunately this super flexibility can often lead to super complex and inefficient tools that your employees wrestle with day after day

Our experienced consultants have the skills and knowledge to customise SharePoint to your requirements.  

Often we can quickly get you working effectively through correct configuration, without complex or costly development


Sometimes business requirements are too complex for SharePoint to resolve without the help of some custom development

We have considerable experience managing and delivering custom SharePoint capabilities, our consultants can guide and advise you through these scenarios so that your project is a success

Web Part Development

Develop bespoke functionality specific to your requirements

Advanced List Configuration

Integrate SharePoint lists into your business processes

Workflow Development

Automate the flow of information through your business

Branded Interface

Style SharePoint to better match your business brand design

Systems Integration

Integrate SharePoint into your business applications

Management & Support

How you maintain and support your SharePoint investment is an important consideration

Ask yourself “Is my platform secure?” “Is my data being protected and managed?”

Looking after a SharePoint platform is not easy

Managing SharePoint requires people with specialist skills and expertise to keep your platform running securely and effectively.

Rex can provide you with support and maintenance capabilities tailored to your specific requirements

Choose from REGULAR scheduled maintenance activities through to adhoc ON DEMAND support for when an emergency strikes

We provide services that can help throughout the lifetime of your SharePoint platform


Vital to any SharePoint investment is ensuring you have the right type of support agreement in place.

Making sure that your users have access to good quality help will help ensure happy and efficient users. There is nothing worse than investing in new tools if your users can not benefit from them.

Rex can provide you with tailored support capabilities. Read more on our Application Support page

Rex provide a range of services that help companies gain maximum benefit from Microsoft Office 365. Visit our Office365 page for more information.

We offer a FREE ½ day workshop to explore what is possible

The workshop carries no obligation - to arrange a workshop, or just to request further information. Call +44 (0) 23 8062 9429 or contact us here

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