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Software Development

Since 1983 we have created countless software solutions for our customers using a wide range of tools and development platforms and technologies

In the development cycle we are comfortable using either the more traditional waterfall model or more agile methodologies such as SCRUM.

We will build prototypes or wireframes, to prove concepts and to ensure that customers can engage with something real rather than having to grapple with abstract concepts.

We take quality seriously and use the latest testing techniques and tools to ensure that our software is both robust and secure.

Frameworks and Languages

  • c#
  • c++
  • Angular JS
  • HTML + CSS
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • objective-C
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Swift
  • VBA

Our highly trained technical team keeps up to date with the latest development methodologies, technologies and best practice, including secure coding practices, to make sure that every single line of code that we write is fit for purpose.

Our developers know that when they speak with a customer they need to talk the customers’ language rather than engage in obscure IT-speak and we support this with a number of techniques that make ideas and requirements easy to capture and understand.

As well as being functionally fit for purpose we are also acutely aware that the applications we deliver to our customers have to look great and offer an exceptional end user experience.
We can either provide software development for specific bespoke development or our developers can work in the clients own project team.

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