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We design to meet the big picture and develop software architectures that are resilient and flexible

We ensure you don’t waste time and money trying to implement poorly designed solutions. We will not burden you with difficult to support systems and hideous lifetime costs.

Why? Because we have the knowledge and experience to deliver fit for purpose designs to address your business needs. A great design and the right software architecture reduces the costs and risks of your IT investments.

Enterprise Architecture

EA is the practice of analysis, design, planning and implementation of organisation wide systems and applications.  The goal of EA is to define a blueprint for how a business can effectively and efficiently achieve it's goals and aspirations - now and in the future.

Solutions Architecture

SA is the practice of analysing, design, planning and implementation of a system that delivers a specific business solution or capability, often as part of a defined Enterprise Architecture.

Software Archtecture

Software Architecture is the structural design of individual software components - the data they require, how they work "inside" and how they communicate with other components to create a software application or component.

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Key to our architecture success is our in-house methodology allowing us to examine our clients concerns from their perspective and provide the right services and products at the right time to address those concerns.

All our team members are highly trained. In additional to being technology experts our senior consultants are also qualified in other areas that support our range of offerings.

REX: Our in-house client engagement and solution delivery methodology

PRINCE2: Project management methodology

TOGAF: Enterprise architecture framework

SCRUM: Agile software development framework

LEAN: Customer-centric toolset for the elimination of wasteful practices

ITIL: Set of practices aimed at aligning IT services with the needs of business

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