Why work with us?

Culture and Approach

The client projects that we work on are successful not just because we are technical experts but because we apply our unique combination of skills, experience and culture working with processes and technology to meet, or exceed, our customers’ business needs.

Our culture defines how we do business and how we engage with our customers. Our services and solutions must at all points serve their business objectives leading to outcomes that add real value. Investment in Information Technology has to be instrumental in helping a business become more profitable, through improved efficiency and greater exposure to markets, maintain regulatory compliance and to operate safely. We never lose sight of how we can best address these key and fundamental drivers when we engage with clients.

We strive to clearly understand our customers’ problems and their business objectives and to this end we see the relationship not so much “buyer and supplier” but more as a partnership, delivering mutual benefits. Some of our clients have been with us since we started in 1983 and they have benefitted from our deep knowledge of their concerns and our continual ability to address them.


Our culture is enormously important to us. Its tenets, listed below, need to be clear, unambiguous and supported wholeheartedly by the entire Rex team.
  • We are a team of problem solvers
  • We help our customers gain maximum benefit from Information Technology
  • We partner with our customers to help them increase their profitability, maintain compliance and operate safely
  • We give all our customers personal attention and the benefit of our considerable experience and expertise
  • We address our customers issues and concerns from their viewpoint
  • We provide a high quality and cost effective service
  • We deliver solutions and services rapidly
  • We have a global reach
  • We maintain a highly skilled, trained and motivated workforce
  • >We are committed to continuous improvement
  • We support diversity in the workplace

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